GV Upgrade

$50k Short-term loan for Upgrades to Single Family Residence prior to selling.

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1. I have been a Real Estate Investor since about 1980.  I have used OPM to make Great Deals on Real Estate in the past, and now I need Short-term Funding to Sell a SFR .  The Term will likely be 4-6 months, maybe less.  Loan will be secured by Lien in 2nd position with over $200k equity in property, verified by recent appraisal by 3rd party.
2. Currently, in my Marketplace of Central FL, specifically, The Villages and surrounding area, the real estate is still quite HOT and offers are often quickly accepted.
3. This property is unique in that it has a Main House and an ADU, or Guest House, on the same lot of 2.5 acres with an incredible view over a big Lake and a Hilltop view for miles and miles!  Definitely a unique location and with incredible property amenities in a state that is mostly flat.  It's perfect for a multi-generational family.
4. The Funding I am requesting is to complete some maintenance, make a few upgrades, and do some exterior painting and new landscaping for greater curb appeal, before placing the property up For Sale.
5. I am asking for just $50k to fund the upgrades and other improvements so we can move on to our next bigger project.
6. The profit from the sale of this property will allow me to move to my next project out-of-state.
7.  Real Estate is a vehicle to Great Wealth.  Using OPM has given me the Opportunity to reach my Goal!  Thank you for considering my Project!

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