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Augmented Intelligence -Physical Security Threat Detection

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Augmented  Intelligence technology to help professionals stop the shootings and help prevent domestic terrorism - GT Digital #Artificial Intelligence

The world has become a more dangerous place. 

The number of horrific, hostile and violent attacks are on everyone’s mind all the time.  Law enforcement, government agencies, and commercial security experts struggle to find ways to prevent these events, but more often than not, they can only identify and apprehend the perpetrators after the fact.  

Human analysts are overwhelmed and cannot process, manage or analyze the vast amount of digital information collected from video, social media, sensors, online and security data sources.  Connecting the Dots across all digital domains to discover and identify the planning, plotting and intention to commit these attacks is the only way to prevent them and protect lives and property.

We have a Proof of Concept and are looking for investors to bring it to MVP and an anxiously waiting market.  We have committed first customers.

This is an untapped US$50Bn market.  Our business model is Software license with annual maintenance fee and Cloud service based on monthly subscription and annual contract.
Our team is seasoned professionals with decades of experience building and operating successful companies. Our strategy is working with established channel partners. 

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