Griggs Mutual Holdings, LLC dba TGS Financial System

Raising $2.9 Million to continue building and to relaunch The Good Steward fintech app/website.

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The Good Steward Financial System is a fintech system with a very unique marketing strategy. Our team has an invested interest and equity share agreement and is well qualified to scale the business. Pitch deck and complete financial model is prepared and ready for investors review.
The Good Steward Financial System is a fintech application that will provide the following services that will serve best, millennials/gen-z , unbanked, underserved and minority communities. 
 TGS is currently available for download in App Store - Google Play with the following services:
  • Credit Reporting Services - Users can subscribe, get their Equifax Credit score, view their Vantage 3.0 Credit report (in a PDF style format) and receive 
ID Theft restoration services across all subscription tiers – (CRS API)
  • All users, whether they are subscribed or not, can link their multiple bank accounts/credit cards, create budgets, view all of their transactions and know what they are spending on each account so that the user can make informed decisions on their purchases. (MX API) – Additional features coming via MX 
  • All users can take advantage of many of our in app affiliate offers that will help them improve their financial future, i.e. Student Loan help, credit card offers, credit counseling etc. 
  • All users can take advantage of the convenient, easy to use Debt-to-Income calculator within the app.
  • All users can give to nonprofits within the application and create campaigns for nonprofits to raise funds. 
The Good Steward services to come:
  • Webapp that will be fully monetized with the ability to mirror the apps functions (This is in development and 90% complete)
  • Webapp will have co-branding capabilities for qualified affiliates to use the functions within the webapp 
  • TGS Financial System will serve as a lead generator for Mortgage and Realtors across the nation
  • TGS Financial System will also provide mortgage help through “Griggs Mutual Realty & Mgmt” 
  • TGS Podcast “My First House”  will have programs teaching users on financial literacy and how to manage their finances
  • The Good Steward will provide neobanking/money movement API within the application that will allow the unbanked community to create a bank account with no minimum balance and no monthly bank fees
  • The Good Steward will have a debit card with “The Good Steward” unique branding. Other services will be added and negotiated.
  • The Good Steward Wallet App will allow users to access their crypto wallet via app or website. (Many other services will apply) Wallet is 95% Complete

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