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Raising $300k for recycling vending machines

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GreenZone's Contact information:


GreenZone Enterprises, LLC is on a mission to transform waste management through innovative technology while promoting environmental sustainability. Our flagship project, the Recycle 2 Earn program, utilizes blockchain technology to create a circular economy where individuals are incentivized to recycle, thereby earning digital assets without any financial investment.

Mission Statement:

At GreenZone, we are dedicated to revolutionizing waste management by leveraging blockchain technology to create a circular economy. Our mission is to empower individuals to contribute to environmental sustainability while earning digital assets without financial investment. By incentivizing recycling through blockchain-driven rewards, we aim to create a level playing field, enabling everyone to make a meaningful impact in their communities.

Business Model:

The Recycle 2 Earn program serves as the cornerstone of our business model. Through this program, individuals are rewarded for recycling by earning digital assets. To generate revenue, we will be installing recycling vending machines across strategic locations in the USA. These machines will not only incentivize recycling but also serve as advertising platforms. Investors will receive 70% of the ad revenue generated by these machines, providing them with a tangible return on investment.

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Investment Details:

We are seeking an investment of $300,000 to kickstart our operations. The majority of this investment, $250,000, will be used to install a total of 10 recycling vending machines. Two machines will be placed in Baltimore, Maryland, in partnership with 4MyCity, and another two in Montgomery, Alabama, in collaboration with Achieving Visionary Solutions. The remaining machines will be placed in Texas, primarily in the RVG and other cities like Houston or Austin based on demand.

Additionally, $50,000 of the investment will be allocated to developing the Recycle2Earn.x decentralized application (dApp), which is already owned by GreenZone and registered on the Unstoppable domain.

Team Background:

GreenZone Enterprises, LLC is a 100% veteran-owned company, founded and led by Tionte Boggan, a 10-year disabled veteran. With a strong commitment to environmental sustainability and leveraging his military background in operations and strategy, Tionte Boggan brings a unique perspective to GreenZone's mission. The team is further supported by dedicated professionals with expertise in blockchain technology, waste management, and marketing.

Financial Status:

GreenZone Enterprises, LLC is currently debt-free and has already invested $250,000 in various initiatives, including exchange listings, partnerships, and relocating headquarters to Brownsville, Texas. This demonstrates our commitment to the success and growth of the company.


Investing in GreenZone Enterprises, LLC presents a unique opportunity to support environmental sustainability while generating a significant return on investment through our innovative Recycle 2 Earn program. With a clear business model, strategic partnerships, and a committed team, we are poised to disrupt the waste management industry and create a positive impact on both the environment and investors' portfolios.

Thank you for considering our investment opportunity. We look forward to the possibility of partnering with you on this exciting journey towards a greener future.

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