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Raising $1-2,000 000 to scale environmentally conscious products in North America and Europe. (CPG Retail and DTC)

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greenre Executive Summary
In the August 2021 IPCC Climate Change Report issued by the United Nations Environment Program and the World Meteorological Organization, it was stated that, Human influence has unequivocally warmed the planet and we are locked into 30 years of worsening climate impacts. Additionally, that fortunately there is still a window in which humans can alter the climate path. 
On March 2nd 2022, 175 Countries agree on the creation of a Plastic Treaty. Quoted that is it ‘’the most important climate deal since Paris’’: UN agrees treaty to end scourge of plastic pollution and the treaty would cover the full lifecycle of plastics, including production, design and disposal. (set for 2024)

Opening its physical office officially in March 2020, our company greenre Brand began eco-transforming a category of a range of consumer products in North America. We utilizing recycled materials, natural materials, recyclables, post agricultural biofibers, new age bioplastics, Soy Based inks and is under a circular economy model in participation of the United Nations Compact. This speaks to meaningful and measurable carbon reduction, plastic reduction, and consumption control needed. 

 Products and Market Size
Our categories are focused on the centre of the market in highly purchased segments of consumables in stationery, activity, craft, novelty, back-to-school, select home products. The USA market revenue in the Hobby & Stationery segment is projected to reach US$49,329m in 2022. Source statista

 Fortune 500 Partners and Strategy

We are commercialized and our social enterprise and private brand build is co-branding with fortune 500 companies in licensed contracts. Our partners include Disney, Marvel, Lucas Films, LOL Surprise, Emoji Brand, Barbie, Warner Bros., and DC Comics.
Our drive, eco-innovation, coupled with endless authentic marketing opportunities in impact data, is ahead of trend and ripe to scale. Changing mass consumption will not slow. However, changing what is consumed at a volume target is an achievable position in the center of the market, where every business wants to be. 
The company’s strategy optimizes co-brand positioning and positive impact data of its greenre products and with-a-purpose model, that will allow us to convince millions of people to make an informed choice. In corporate partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation, for every TREE WE SAVE WE ARE PLANTING 3 more (save meaning, using recycled product and not cutting down trees). 
Commercialization Stage and Impact
With our industry experience, we are doing well by doing good! Our 2021 Environmental Impact data held against the 170 Tons of recycled material in new product into the market, is equating to 200 tons of carbon dioxide off set and diversion. This data has outpaced our own expectations. With this, we have just been accepted after vetted into the United Nations Global Compact that will further our sustainable development goals and put us on a path to B-Corp status.
 Our products are Canada nationwide at Rexall, Indigo, Canadian Tire, Giant Tiger, Walmart, London Drugs, Loblaws, Costco, NorthWest, Terra20 and Miniso. direct to consumers sales began on Canada Dec 27th 2021 and we are going live with on March 20, 2022.

 There is NO Green Washing here. We are Environmentally Conscience, we are doing the work and putting up incredible impact numbers. Our company is committed to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the UN. Furthermore, we have been invited to participate in the May 2022 cohort of the United Nations Climate Ambitions Accelerator Program 

Our team is best in class in product designers, manufacturers, c-suite management and advisory. We have 75 years of combined retail experience, retail execution manufacturing, and licensed consumer products. This includes legacy CPG directors, former Heads of Walt Disney, the CFO of the Pharmaceutical Association of Canada, and advisory from a former 25 year veteran CEO in a vertical of running $400,000,000 annual.

We have 65 product skus in market with 30 more phasing in over the next two quarters.  The company has Canadian product coast to coast, and we have east and west distribution and 3PL warehouses. 

Short-term goals are to continue to build our North American sales team, distribution, fulfillment and brand awareness. Further goals are multi-territory brand licensed deals and distribution. These are currently underway for USD, UK and AUZ with licensors and distributors. Additionally, rolling out our private label greenre Brand product is all very important to margins, and market value to our brand.
On the eco side, continue work with our impact data for consumers and innovate in our materials sources and product lines. With internal R&D and qualified environmental data contributors, we have created an Environmental Impact Assessment tool kit. This has allowed us to supply retailers and partners, meaningful environmental impact data on retail programs under participation.

Market Position
With our environmentally conscience product substantiated by the UN authority, the Arbor Day Foundation, backed by impact data and heading to B-Corp Certification, we created strong moat. Our current semi-exclusive licensee position is further strengthened by our Category Captain position of holding the top licenses across the top studios across vertical touching categories (Colouring, Publishing, Craft, Activity, BTS and Stationery). These positions are held primarily for companies doing $100M plus. 
- Our products fit in all consumable retail segments, multiple departments, multiple age segments, seasons, convenience, specialty, home and office.
- Our brand lift in co-branding with the studios is about 30%-40% of product printed coverage. Only one company has this leverage with co-branding (Crayola). 

In an adjusted 2021, 12-months, due to the ocean freight crisis, sales are $1.2M. In Nov 2019, we were not integrated with 1 retailer as vendor. In 2021 were awarded THE GREEN AWARD under the Ottawa Bootstrap awards and in 2022 we are now booking with Costco. Our forecasts and bookings put us beyond that for 2022 and we are forecasting $10M-$15M by 2024/25.

We are looking for growth funds and would like formally present our 10X position, current marketing, plans, reach, scale opportunity and exit positions. 

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As a Participant of the United Nations Global Compact, greenre is committed to aligning strategies andoperations with universal principles on human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption, and take actions that advancesocietal goals.
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