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Prohibition on cannabis advertising and unfair censorship of cannabis content. 

  • For cannabis brands and retailers, the big social media companies ban advertising and weed related content, thus making it difficult for them to create and build brand awareness, engage with customers, generate leads and boost sales.

  • Cannabis influencers on the other hand are constantly being shadow-banned by the big social media companies and as such they not only lose their followers but don't have the creative freedom to do what they do best. They also cannot monetize their followers. 

  • Cannabis consumers can't find like minded enthusiasts, 420 events nor are able to ask questions and get answers about cannabis products for medicinal or rec purposes.

Greenlync is a cannabis friendly platform /App. Think of it as a mix of Instagram, Tiktok, Tinder, Quora and Weedmaps in user friendly interface that connects cannabis connoisseurs, brands, retailers, influencers, MMJ Docs and advertisers all in one hub where they can create, compete, share, date and engage with like minded people. Find and shop products, brands and much more! -  We have basically aggregated Billion Dollar Macro Trends ALL in One App!


 1.           Transaction fees [Online orders,  events ticket sales]

2.           % of Transaction fees [Influencer swag & exclusive content sales] 

3.           % of Tips offered by super fans for shout-outs, cameos, paid wall posts, live-streaming, etc.

4.           Subscription -  *Mile High VIP Club* where members can get specials and VIP giveaways/deals and discounted event invites from influencers, brands and dispensaries on the platform. 

(The subscription can also be justified for access to other special features of the App like dating, Mary Jane beauty contests, events, live streaming, competitions, etc.)

5.           Advertising

  • Revenues from Advertising (shared with the content creators)

  • Sponsored Content (from businesses)
Scale of opportunity
•Not just limited to “plant-touching”.  Target market of MRB’s is huge
•International opportunities – (Canada and beyond)
•Multiple & Recurring revenue streams
•Several potential acquirers or an IPO

Platform ~ Ready to go
•Mitigated risk of development (beyond just an idea)
•Uniquely cannabis-friendly social media platform and marketplace
•Cannabis friendly banking partners 

The future of the industry
•Marijuana is going mainstream
•Fastest growing industry in US and globally 
•Legal sales surpassing illegal sales


  • We just launched our private Beta App (MVP) this month and received over 200K signups for the invite in less than 17 days.
  • Uniquely cannabis-friendly social media platform and marketplace
  • AI & Machine Learning Algos that will analyze consumer behavior, preferences and location for targeted advertising
  • Fault tolerant and scales to millions of concurrent users without massive infrastructure costs
  • Our engine of growth is VIRAL (the most sustainable method) instead of paid for customer acquisition.
  • We have several features including competitions to share User Generated Content and grow the user base exponentially. 

We raised $1.2 Million through friends and family for R&D and complete the MVP
We are raising a seed round of $500K to manage the influx, infrastructure, and operations.
We are interested in Convertible Notes for this round with a minimum investment of $25K 

Further details about our team, platform, App and more can be found in our pitch deck that can be downloaded from the following link:

The video of our App can be seen at :



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