Green Energy Business - selling - partner due to health

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Hello, thank you for your time. Started Wood Pellet plant in 2008 in 2020 moved plant to Bagley MN. 
Kenworth Semi
53’ Walking floor 
53’ 4 trailers 
10 acres on highway 2 (2 of it concrete) 
Kiln building perfect for dryer 
Close to railroad 
Huge power supply 300 KVA & 277/480 – could support multiple businesses
6 buildings – main building 40K 
Bagging line – cable vey system for dust free Cablevey Cable Conveyor Systems Home - Cablevey® Conveyors
Indoor and outdoor storage 
3 bed apt - new shower & bathtub
Building Improvements of industrial natural gas furnace; central air system
Building Sprinkled 
Unlimited sawdust supply 
There is oak – cherry available / could make just BBQ pellets / rice hauls / hemp / alfalfa – etc 
50 tons right now on floor – you could start selling tomorrow. 
2 heavy duty forks lift available 
Welding shop – auto bay – boat storage 
$950K I will be taking loss of at least 700K  - if can do a quick sale I would drop price 
Have photos – and videos in dropbox. There is sawdust in the bins ready to make pellets today. Have orders year-round, inventory on the floor right now.  Companies like LM would take 5 semi loads right now. Many of Bemidji businesses are out of pellets. 
There is local kid that ran plant by himself; so local help is available. He would just need guidance. I have safety business in ND and health reasons can not do both – or without help. 
Thank you,
Green Friendly Pellets, LLC
Eco Bio Fuels Company 
PO BOX 68 
1004 Central Street W
Bagley, MN 56621 

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