Tzatziki, Baklava & Gyro's, Oh My! Which one has your mouth watering? Raising $500,000 to purchase a long term successful operating authentic restaurant!

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Hello to all Angel Investors!       

Interested? Please hit on the link below to purview my career bio and mission!

Tzatziki & Baklava & Gyros, Oh My! | Indiegogo

My name is Renee Giumarro. I am an Exec Chef, Consultant and Event Planner established in the food & beverage industry for over 35 years. 
I have an opportunity to purchase a very unique and proven successful restaurant located in the Rockbridge County area of Virginia! 
This well known college and university town which has an upbeat vibe, all of its own.  

Asking to raise $500,000.  My story is the tell of my life and the purpose for being the next caregiver of this authentic Mediterranean restaurant, and to carry on a family legacy! 
I do believe in scaling the business in the near future.

This gem is strongly rooted in the community, as well as the restaurant family, whom will continue to uplift this charming establishment! 

This restaurant has been lovingly maintained.....did I mention turn-key cash flow?  

The family wants to retire yesterday....that being said....."Time is of the essence!"

 You have questions? I have answers! Call me directly at 843-798-8128.

Thank you,  Sincerely, Renee  

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