$25,000 Gives Grandma Steady Feet

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As a nurse in the critical care setting I often was very frustrated with our tools for pain control. We used medicine at prescribed times, turn and reposition, and guided imagery. Medication is great, works well, and has the horrible tendency to become addictive. Turn and reposition speaks for itself, we all do that all day long to get more comfortable. Guided imagery, where we instruct patients to think of happier places and meditate on that, can be very helpful. If patients can forget that they are in some combination of injured or sick, which naturally increases their stress and sends a cascade of hormones through their bodies. 

A tool is needed with guided imagery. A focus point to concentrate has a major effect with guided imagery. This is where my life's knowledge can be of use. 

The education I am seeking will enable me to create Memory Boxes. A stained glass box with interchangeable panels of scenes of "treasured memories". The box would have a battery or solar powered candle inside so the images will glow and flicker enabling the focus needed in guided imagery. The idea is the box would be adapted so that the nurse or tech could change the scene panels on the sides...a beach setting, mountain setting, river setting and so on.

I am at the starting point of this adventure, which I believe will be the best one yet...

I am a retired nurse looking for an Angel Investor to loan $25,000 at an interest rate of 6% or less over 10 years.

This money will restructure my debt as well as enable me to make repairs to my truck, some continuing education classes, and buy the supplies I need to start churning out Memory Boxes.

These actions will enable me to remain an independent, functional consumer. I just need an Angel.  

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