Grains and Beans LLC

Raising 300k to purchase a building and food truck to open Grains and Beans Co.

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I have a home based Bakery where I bake goods made daily using only the freshest ingredients.  I am working towards opening a new location to move out of the home base section that will provide not only more space but also a seating area where customers can come in enjoy their pastry or sandwiches with a gourmet cup of coffee. I am a trained barista and a student of Auguste Escoffier school of culinary arts. I plan to provide pastries, breads and other baked goods along with gourmet coffees and teas with a daily deli available for breakfast and lunch. We are also purchasing a food truck to be able to cater to students, businesses and small to large events and provide desserts and deli along with gourmet coffees and teas. I plan to provide in an area that basically caters to fast food only the freshest of foods.

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