Graey Inc.

Raising 3M to start a series of AI managed Investment Funds

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AI Powered Automated Trading - 

AI Trading Algorithm - We are looking at 2-3x market returns using this strategy. The algorithm looks at historical prices and indicators on minute by minute intervals, and learns how to trade stock. This process is repeated until it produces a satisfactory result, then it is deployed on the live market. The algorithm is made possible by the research done by the A14Finance Foundation. They produced an open source project which I am using as my base for development.

Business Model - The trading algorithm will be applied to multiple different investment funds which charge a management fee that is adjusted by a fulcrum compared to the market performance. The "Market" is defined differently per fund, and determines the stocks traded as well. The first two funds will be based in the NAS 100 and the DOW 30 index funds, with plans to expand more funds in the coming years.

Customers - To start, the fund will be for accredited investors only. This is to maintain our exempt reporting status under the 3(c)(1) reporting exemption code. Once the company is more mature this can expand to anyone interested in investing.

Team - Currently it is a one man show. My background is in Computer Science. I've found no issue pivoting into the finance; looking at it as a computer problem to solve more than anything else, but I do lack some qualifications that could be important to attract Investors. In an Ideal world I would have an LP who is a Federal/State qualified Investment Advisor, and who has CFA and CRA qualifications. 

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