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Properties and Land for Agriculture and Employment

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There is a population in Ghana to be precise, the vulnerable. These are some children, disabled individuals, the unemployed and the elderly adults that  struggle and suffer silently.
There is a need in regards to housing and of course, daily basic necessities, such as food and clothing. Unfortunately, there are not much aid/benevolent assistance in Ghana and noticed
a handful of free educational resources catering to kids that may include a meal but nothing in place for a family's immediate need.

Poverty can be very difficult in the lives of the disabled or an elderly adult but most especially on a child. There are those who do not receive unemployment and/or disability benefits at all as they may never have had
the opportunity to work. This boils down to the questions and concerns as to how  the above listed may be managing.

Social Security Disabilities  or Unemployment funds are not available to the Unemployed and the Disabled just yet. The Disabled can earn some benefits if they may have worked in the past which would be used to calculate what they may be earning monthly.
Unfortunately, those who were not given the opportunity to work, never did work, and seems to be a very large percentage. Everyone's situation is different  and in some cases, not being able to afford education and being disabled is another
story best left to your imagination.

In summary there are groups of people needing assistance that are struggling and suffering in silence realistically. Thereby, assisting with our basic needs come necessary in any way possible.

I'm reaching out as a gesture for help in need of assistance to procure Properties for a Warehouse which would store Food, Clothing and Health/Wellness products, land for Agriculture to continually provide fresh Produce and employment. Finally, Housing/Temporary for 
those in transition and could use temporary assistance till they get on their feet. This Property would also be a source of income as it would be in the form of an Extended Hotel Stay for regular paying customers, as well. Therefore, a part of the building being mainly for transition and the other part for paying customers which would obviously provide employment, as well.

This impending Project, other than being my passion, seem to be a necessity and do pray that God touches the core of your heart to grasp the gravity and importance of this need.
Your partnership would help accomplish these good works as getting involved would render an impactful and lifelong change.

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