Govenlock Green Corporation

Raising 500K to start working with pending contracts where we export gold into the United States. We have a great support team on both sides of the Atlantic.

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Washington, D. C .based corporation that trades gold in West Africa. We generate revenue on the difference between the purchase price and liquidation price and we try and help tribal communities where possible.  We have substantial contracts  ($100,000,000).00 "in hand" at the present time. We have exit buyers through U.S.-based refineries.  DHL Global Forwarding is our U.S. Customs Broker.   We have the technical and logistical expertise. We have a comprehensive business plan with capable managers in the states and West Africa.  Our business model is simple and straightforward; however, it is can only be implemented with a "know-how" derived only from doing. The principal of our company is a former securities lawyer. We welcome the opportunity to work with investors/lenders. Thank you.

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