Gordon's Hoops A-Game Training LLC

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I'm a basketball skill trainer. I teach the fundamentals of basketball to all ages. I'm looking to buy a lot so I can put a garage on the property.  Inside the garage I will have a basketball  court build with 3 courts and 6 Hoops.  I also want to build a weight room with turf floor.I will rent out the weight room to weight trainers for 50 an hours. I will put vending machines Inside the garage. How I will use the gym: first I will use the gym for basketball training, I will rent out courts to basketball trainers, I will have 6 Dr. Dish basketball machines that I will rent out for 50.0 an hour.(it's a shooting machines that feed you the ball so you can work on your shooting without the need of another person) I will rent the gym out for basketball camps and tournaments.  I feel this garage will bring me a lot of revenue so I can build another one. 

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