Golfing Rentals

Raising funds to launch our first Virtual Golf Retail location and franchise the Mobile Golf Simulator Events sector.

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Golfing Rentals was formed in 2021, self-funded and operated. We started with 1 complete mobile setup, which grew to 5 complete units in just 12 months. The intention is to build a franchise model to scale nation-wide within 5 years and worldwide in 10 years. Revenue ranges from $5,000-$10,000 per month, per unit, serving Corporate and Residential Events.

Golfing Rentals offers Residential & Corporate party golf simulator rentals, In-Home Golf Simulator installation, and Tournament Hosting. Add a jolt of FUN with our custom MOBILE GOLF SIMULATOR setups. Don't just throw a party- Throw a Golf Party! Graduation parties, retirement, baby shower, birthday and other Holiday events. With our golf simulators, we can serve 200+ guests and keep the line moving so the entertainment never ends! Challenge friends and family to closest to the pin, long drive, and more contests! 

Host a Golf Tournament: Our new app revolutionizes the way golf tournaments and golf fundraisers are planned and executed nation-wide. Golfing Rentals’ goal is to multiply the impact that charities have by increasing funds raised through golf tournaments. Fundraising, Little to No Effort Tournaments, Streamlined & Secure Transactions, Player & Tournament Notifications, Ticket and Merchandise Sales & more!

Golf Bar and Training Facility with Retail Store: We are in the discovery and funding process of opening retail locations with the option to host parties, hourly simulator reservations and virtual golf leagues. There are no such facilities in the area, but the demand is quite large!

Merchandise: Golfing Rentals sells Simulator Enclosures, apparel and golf equipment. Our custom enclosures are designed to last and allow for simple setup and tear down with little training.

Peer-to-Peer: Golfing Rentals will work with local golfers and golf courses to provide launch monitor rentals during course play, premium golf club rentals, and pop-up club fittings. We will also utilize the peer-to-peer community for hosting tournaments and local residential/corporate events. 

Funding Needs and Application:

*We are seeking funding to launch our first Retail location within the next 6 months and scale the Mobile Events sector from 2 units to 10 units in the next 12 months. Outfitting the retail location is estimated at $500k, which will cover salaries, equipment, merchandize, branding, building lease, and other operational expenses. The remaining $500k will be used to scale each sector, in an effort to meet 5 year and 10 year revenue expectations of $250 Million and $750 Million. 

*The Golf industry is exploding, with virtual golf simulation becoming more and more common and demanded by golfers of all skill levels. Our goal is to provide training opportunities through all seasons. Our mobile offerings bring opportunity for side-hustle businesses in the peer-to-peer sector. Franchising will be a focus of both mobile units and retail facilities.

Preferred Investor Qualities:

* Investors who understand the growth projections in the Golf Simulation sector
* Investors looking to scale a niche market
* Knowledge in peer-to-peer business models
* Business Scaling

Our founder and CEO:

Adam Hayden is a husband, father of 2 and a seasoned sales management leader of 18 years. Adam is a top 1% sales professional, who began his entrepreneurial journey in 2020 and has earned many awards for his leadership and record breaking sales totals. He has trained and scaled sales teams in both employee numbers and increased revenue averaging 200% growth each year, in addition to 5 year averages over 600%. Our founder is eager, motivated and relentless in business and charity outreach. In addition to running a business- Adam runs a homeless outreach, volunteers in a ministry that rescues children from trapped situations, mainly involving human-trafficking. 

We are excited to take this unique and highly reviewed business to the next level with the help of investor funding! 

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