Luxury Stick / Golf Accessory

I am 100% owner. have two prototypes. I have a manufacturer that's ready to produce the Luxury Stick.

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Hello, my name is Charlie Taylor. I invented the luxury stick. Caddying for my daughter it is over $30 million golfers in the United States if we sell half 15 million for $169 per unit over 3 years over 2 billion $535 million dollars $253,500,000 million estimate the investor can make $150 million  in 3 years. I have a patent Pender. ground for a utility patent.I am we also can get sponsorship for utility patent.waiting on response from Nike.100% owner. have two prototypes. I have two videos made. I have a manufacturer that's ready to produce the luxury stick. loves it as much as I do. we can make boxing and shipping the luxury stick for $70 .we can sell it for $169 once we start production we can get the price down. we can start it off with the funds that we have now. but the manufacturer thinks it's going to catch wildfire .so therefore we do not want to lose momentum and have to try to get it back .because we can't keep up with production .therefore we need an investor to come in with a team and let's make these millions introducing the luxury stick to the world look forward to working with you,
 Thanks, Charlie Taylor, 678-755-1231




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