Seeking $500k investment: Transforming job search with go2work: connect job seekers with companies through advanced algorithms, machine learning, and seamless mobile/web platform.

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go2work is a revolutionary platform that connects job seekers with companies in need of workers. Our innovative technology uses algorithms partnered with machine learning to match workers with companies based on skills, experience, education, certifications, and location. The algorithm assesses each applicant's compatibility with the required skills, experience, and education for a job, providing a fair and accurate match for both parties. Our platform is accessible through a mobile app and website, making it easy to use and accessible to everyone. Job seekers can apply for jobs with just a swipe of their finger (Instapply), while companies can easily view profiles and hire the right candidate. Integrated text chat and video chat functionality make communication between applicant and hiring manager seamless, while the 30-second video feature allows job seekers to showcase their skills and present the best version of themselves to potential employers.

At go2work, we are dedicated to providing a high-quality user experience and ensuring that every match made through our platform is a success. Join us on our mission to revolutionize the job market and connect job seekers with the companies that need them. Whether you're looking for work or in need of workers, go2work is the solution for you.

Our team has been working in the HR and Technology space for the last 10 years. We have many contacts in the HR industry that we can leverage once we go live. The MVP launch date is September 2023. Our CEO and CSO have sold over 10 million dollars within the HR space for various organizations in a b2b and b2c space. Our CTO has developed multiple applications in the energy sector. 

Current Progress to Date

Established LLC: Gotowork Employment Solutions, LLC

Established DBA: go2work

Started working on MVP application/website (Estimated completion September 2023)

Completion of front-end and back-end design of application/website

On version 58 of application buildout (Currently user testing)

Completed domain buyout

Trademark Application completed

Currently have 650+ followers on LinkedIn and 200+ companies signed up for newsletter and launch

Market Size:
Current market size for online recruitment is 32.0 bn with growth estimated to be at 47.31 bn by 2028. Current job openings in United States is 11.0 million.

Business Model:
Our business model is free for job seekers while employers pay a monthly fee based on the number of jobs they post.

Pitch Deck: Pitch deck available upon request

Landing Page: www.go2work.com

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