Raising $50,000 to $60,000 to purchase a smoke shop with 6 licensed games both of which are currently generating income with plenty of room for growth.

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I am wanting to purchase an already up and running smoke shop with 6 licensed and permitted games. In Tarrant county these games are completely legal up to 6. The shop is in the perfect location with a lot of room for growth. Currently the games are bringing in $6000 per month minimum. The smoke shop is generating up to $5000. Rent on the space is $1300 monthly with $200 to $300 electric bill and 3 employees at $12 an hour. My wife and I plan to put in as many hours as we can to reduce this as much as possible. The asking price is $45,000 but the owner has agreed to $40,000. The rest of the money I plan to use for upgrading inventory and upgrading the aesthetics of the shop inside and out. I like this business because it is immediate cash flow.

If someone is willing to invest with me I will give all my effort to make the most of this venture, to grow it and succeed with the hope of being able to move towards bigger and better things in the future.

My wife and I both work full time job’s currently. with a small amount of money in savings. Also I receive small monthly royalties from mineral rights that I own which would guarantee my ability to meet my monthly payment should there be lean months.

Thank you for your time and attention.

Lance Youngblood

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