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Raising 200K to pay for video production with international pop stars

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We are international music producers, turning our travels into a television show. A six-part television series featuring pop stars from around the world. We will give a behind the scenes look at making a song as well as highlighting the pop star’s home country. To end each episode there will be a live performance of the created song. We currently have six countries involved.  Contracts have been signed between our company and Brazilian artists who are signed up Columbia records here in the United States. We need the funding to hire the productions crew. We will create 3 songs with each artists. 2 of the songs will be for immediate release to generate revenue and awareness of the collaboration and television show. These songs also generate revenue for all parties involved. Each artist chosen has a minimum of 50 million monthly listeners to ensure immediate promotion and income. The third song will then be released when the television show is aired. This was the audience can continue to listen to the song they saw created on all streaming platforms. The beauty of this is that each artist's audience will now be exposed to each artist on the show, generating massive numbers for each song created. Each artists will receive 25% royalties and an initial payment that will be agreed upon by The Final Key and the artist. Final Key will have the rights to the masters of each song which will give the majority of profit. We have already put in our own 50,000 towards the project. We have finished one song with Brazilian pop star Gabily and it will be released on Nov 19th.

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