Glamping Resorts Ltd

Raising capital to build more Glamping domes and tents for our existing sites in Saskatchewan and Alberta Canada.

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An Associate, his partner and I started Glamping Resorts ltd 3 years ago. It started in Saskatchewan near Regina.
We tested the ideas and from our research, we started to grow the concept.
We moved into Alberta in the Castle Provincial park area when we learned about the direction Alberta tourism was going and we were introduced to a 110-acre parcel of land on the shore of Beaver Mines lake by them. We have kept a good working relationship with them. I am actually going down on January 25 to show the Minister of Tourism around.
 We purchased the assets and signed a 35-year lease with Parks Alberta and since have invested over $2.2M ($400K was a grant from our friends at Travel Alberta)  in preparing the property. This summer in mid-August we opened with 6 units, (a 10-person lodge building, a waterfront cabin, and 4 domes) tested the location to ensure its attractiveness and to confirm we are ready to open the first stages of this location.
Our concept is to create a chain of locations offering different types of stay in units. The units are better described in the attached presentation. 
At Castle Glamping we can open 80 units. 
The capital we are looking for is to go into expansion at Castle. We would like to build out 13 more units  (7 tents 5 domes, and one ADA approved cabin)  we already have most of the inground infrastructure in place. The amount we are seeking is up to $1M CAN  in units of $125k, $250k or $500k.
We have detailed forecasts that are done by the month for three years using actual historical sales fulfillment and expenses. We also have the team trained to deliver.
Finding locations with our relationship with Alberta Tourism and market knowledge will be no concern for the future but we have lots to do in finishing off Castle development over the next few years.
Please have a look at our attached presentation. It will tell you a lot about us. Also visit our website at well as see the attached video that Tourism Alberta made with us. They intend to use it to promote tourism in Alberta, which doesn't hurt us!
we have a slide presentation available on request.

Glamping Resorts at Castle Provincial Park Glamping Resorts is transforming the area into a unique accommodation with nearly 80 units, including geo-domes, canvas cabins and premium cabins, while preserving the environment’s natural

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