Get Me Fitt Inc.

Raising $1 million to launch Get Me Fitt - Online Marketplace for Fitness, Health & Wellness Industry in India and US.

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Fitness & holistic wellness oriented app. Connects global experts to local users. An online marketplace tailored to the users budget & needs, where one can shop for personalized fitness & wellness programs. We aim to build an online market place with meaningful connections via customised fitness & wellness experiences.

  • Passionate team convinced about the transformative power of fitness & holistic wellness 
  • Curating a global community of authentic experts & fitness enthusiasts, fostering a sense of empowerment & personal growth for both
  • Developing a global platform to redefine how people meet their fitness and wellness goals from anywhere
  • 2 sides of the coin: An app that takes care of the trainer and user together
Our journey began with a passion for fitness and a fundamental belief that everyone, everywhere deserves to lead healthy lives. We are determined to harness the synergy of health and technology in a digital world to make good physical health and mental well being accessible for everyone.

Our Vision
To become a vibrant global marketplace that benefits our users while empowering expert partners to achieve economic freedom.

Our Mission
Connect fitness, health and wellness seekers to curated experts worldwide within a convenient and cost-competitive framework.

Our Business Model
Has been strategically designed to show accelerated growth via diverse revenue streams

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