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Sincere  Investors Invest Today.    (Fraudulent People Do Not Bother Me)

1. First  Property Investment.

This is the last major property investment like this on this entire mountain.

Phase One is a complete financial investment to cover 100% of the property purchase price of ($1,600.000)  as collateral until sold.
Phases Two and Three is estimated for Property Redeployment price  ($8,000,000.)
The total combined investment price is ($10,000,000).

I am requesting real investors to complete the total purchase of 34.7 acres for redevelopment located in Blue Jay in the San Bernardino California mountains.
To discuss complete opportunities.. Please contact me by phone 909-275-4469 or Email me with your interests requesting current financial opportunities.

2. Second Property Investment.

Second investment is a first class and profitable Investment for $950,000.00.

Property offers two completely stocked retail stores to be reopened within two weeks after purchase.
The stores are fully stocked in the amount of $50,000.00 of inventory. The  property, includes the business name, locale advertising, seen on Facebook page that is known by everyone around the San Bernardino mountains. Look up Alpine Mercantile on Facebook to see pictures of the community store location with cellphone depo when we are reopened for business. If you have a questions please contact Curtis Newman at 909-275-4469 as soon as possible. Email me at [email protected] with your opportunity proposal. For good personal information look me up Curtis A Newman on Google 

Thank you
Curtis Newman
Genesis Property Development Inc.

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