Genesis Adhesives, LLC

Raising $1M to complete installation of our production mixer and expansion

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Genesis Adhesives, LLC is seeking funding of $1-Million to move to a bigger location, complete installation of our mixer, production equipment and to start to support payroll.

Genesis Adhesives is a Kingdom Minded, Next Generation, Patent Pending sealant and adhesives supplier. We manufacture sealants and adhesives to meet Energy Star's Net Zero Building Initiative with insulated glass and the window and door industry.

Everyone lives in homes and have experienced condensation, and fog within their windows, result of sealant failure 
The Global Insulated Glass Market is value at $4.3 Billion with Market Drivers of better sealant performance to achieve net zero commercial and residential buildings or green buildings
During the winter, cold drafts and higher energy costs are the result of sealant failures.

The demand for better sealants has been initiated by the US Department of Energy’s Energy Star program.  
The construction industry and architects are also under pressure to design green buildings.

Genesis developed new, patent pending, reactive hot melt sealants and adhesives designed to fix these problems.  We make unique sealants and adhesives that with new polymer technology, has given performance that has exceeded our expectations.  We not only have higher strength performance, but better moisture barrier, gas retention , sound deadening, impact are a few of the positive benefits of the Genesis Sealants.

The plan is to launch the product line by Quarter 2, 2021 after the completion of the installation of our mixer.

The new sealants are superior to existing sealants currently in the market, enabling windows to last longer and:

Save more energy and reduce your heating and cooling costs
Stops water leaks
Eliminate fogging in windows 

Genesis has a strong and experienced team.
Nate, the founder has over 35-years of experience in the window and door and insulated glass sealant industry.
We are Kingdom minded individuals and will follow a Godly model, treating our customers as we would like to be treated. 

Market Analysis
nsulated Glass Production will be our primary focus.
The Global IG market size is expected to grow to $4.26B by 2025 with an expected CAGR of 8.4%
US Market over the same period is expected 1.65B with an expected CAGR of 8.0%
Further down the road, Genesis will target these areas:
Aluminum Cladding 6.4% CAGR 2018 to 2025 Globally $5.34B Market
Fiberglass 9.2% CAGR 2016 to 2023 Globally $20.32B Market
Photovoltaics 8.0% CAGR 2019 to 2024 (Driven by 100% Renewable power /Zero carbon commitment by large businesses.

Genesis Solution

 Eliminate sealant failure, superior moisture and gas barrier, Better air space adsorption with the Genesis desiccant.
High Tensile Strength, Patent Polymer Modification, Increased Durability & Window Warranty

Eight Product Line to Replace Competitive Product Lines with over 25 products
Significant Better Performance than Competitor
Reactive Hot Melt Silicone Replacement Solution, Better performance & Curable
Enhanced Lean Manufacturing
One product for Impact Performance and back bedding (bonding glass to frames)

Ultraviolent Light Resistance
High Temperature Resistance
Instant Green Strength
High Strength - Superior adhesion to PVC, Glass, Metals, Acrylics, Duranar, Fiberglass and some polyethylenes.
Better MVTR (Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate)
Better Gas Retention
Business Model 

-Genesis Adhesives, LLC will sell Sealants, Adhesives and Desiccants through direct sales and distribution
-Raw Material Contracts and Credit Applications Completed and established in 2018
-Genesis has established relationships with several OEM's that supply the insulated glass markets.  These relationships have been established over 30-years.  One vendor, Endysis has agreed to partner and do equipment technical service with Genesis.
-Connections with Vendors in China Established – Leverage against high Raw Material prices in US
-Current Mixer can generate a potential of $12 Million annually in sales
-Several Insulated Glass and other Customers In Waiting To purchase or test our products (one very large and recognizable name agreed to test our product for 6-months, if it passes, will place in 3 of their plants).  The NDA's have already been signed.  
-Product Weathering Testing Greater than 3.5-years with no signs of degradation, loss of color or adhesion.  Clear Product, still clear and no yellowing.

-Will be in the position to hire over 80+ employees by Year 4 and expected fast growth due to the global insulating glass window market is projected to grow from USD 12.8 billion in 2020 to USD 16.2 billion by 2025, at a CAGR of 4.8% from 2020 to 2025.
-Genesis Adhesives, LLC has contacts with China, New Zealand and Norway that want to represent our products.
-Second 528-gallon Mixer has potential to produce over $45 Million annually.  The goal is to purchase three to four 660-gallon mixers by year 4 to dedicate each to specific product lines.

-Genesis Adhesive product has several crossover technologies, bonding fiberglass applications, with a realization to become an extremely large market because of new applications.
-Products can crossover to Electronic, Automotive, Marine, DOD, and Solar Markets

 Genesis Team

CEO/COO, Nathanael Hill (Nate):
is a talented research chemist with 37-years’ experience in innovative product conception, design, and process engineering.
Nate completed over 20-years of coursework in physics and chemistry from the University of Minnesota, Virginia Technical Institute and Lakewood Community College.

Nate’s decades of experience creating and improving products and processes uniquely equips him to develop and bring to market the Genesis Adhesive product line. Nate created the winning formulas for the Genesis product line and will continue to direct development of improved innovative products for Genesis Adhesives.

Nate’s life-long experience in innovative product creation and operational improvements within the auto, electronics, wood, fiberglass, window, and door industry affords him the knowledge and expertise to both produce a product manufacturers will purchase and execute the steps of production.

Having developed strong relationships with multiple customers, suppliers, and producers, Nate positioned Genesis to bring superior sealant and adhesive formulas to the manufacturers of windows and doors and other markets.

Nate had the fortunate luck of producing over $400-Million for his former company, worked several areas, research lab, sales, process engineering and development, equipment design, continuous improvement not only for the companies production plant, but also for the customers, redesign and built new pump systems for a urethane thermal barrier, brought innovation with current products to other crossover technologies.   It is because of this innovation and creativity that he felt a call to start Genesis Adhesives.
Vice President Research & Development – Morgan Reed: Morgan holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering and has worked extensively in the oil industry. Morgan brings a youthful enthusiasm and a hunger to learn new things.  He is creative and not afraid to try new things.   That creativity will lead to new levels of growth for Genesis Adhesives.
Sales & Marketing - Bryan Russell: Bryan holds a Bachelor of Administration in Sales and Marketing and brings a creativity and enthusiasm to Genesis Adhesives.  He has extensive knowledge in the Car Washing equipment and glass solutions business, where some of that crosses over to making Insulated Glass.  In addition, Bryan is a licensed agent in the Life, Health and Accident Insurance areas and holds a license in Minnesota.
Chief Financial Officer - L.R. Hill: Lisa holds a bachelor’s degree and MBA in finance with specialization in Project management.  Lisa also holds multiple certifications within finance. Lisa has excelled within the Honda Corporation for the past twenty-five years. Her finance, organizational management, and business development expertise is a valuable contribution to the success of Genesis Adhesives. She is currently finishing her PhD in Finance.  She is tireless in her pursuit to do the job right.  
Patents - Eduardo Drake: who agreed to offer services for equity in the company, is an electrical engineer who decided to study patent law and is now a very good patent attorney. He has an enthusiasm for entrepreneurs and very much believes what we have will make a difference.  he has already filed 2-patents for Genesis Adhesives.
Human Resources – Nicole Lee: graduated from Sanford Brown College. She worked as the office manager of Hands-on Consulting, Investor/Office Manager at Sevyn Investments. She is very professional, thorough and an asset to the Genesis group and the personality to handle human resources.

Vice President of Administration & Community Affairs - Anne Hill: Anne
holds 2 bachelor’s degrees from the University of Minnesota in Physical Education; a Master’s in Education and multiple certifications within the education field.  Anne has served in education for 35+ years. Working within this field has allowed Anne to develop a very good administration and organizational structure.  Her love of people will help in developing the customer service department, and community relations experience which will benefit Genesis Adhesives.

Regulatory Specialist – Lola Dahl
brings 30+ years’ experience in regulatory management, ensuring the products are TSCA listed, up to date on the Safety Data Sheets, that the CAS numbers match the product and does a great job with maintaining the inventory and making sure Genesis is always in compliance.  She is probably the most organized person I have ever met and is a great asset and we are honored to have her.
Vice President of Technical Services – Eric Peterson: Eric holds two PhD’s in Chemical Engineering and Physics.  Eric, like Morgan, has worked several years in the oil industry.  Eric’s background in Physics and chemical process analysis, plus his management skills is a major asset to Genesis Adhesives. Eric will give us the solid technical information that backs up the performance data that will aid in building trust in the Genesis Adhesives product lines and services.

Competitors and Capital Requirements;

 Nate will be pleased to discuss with investors when the relationships are established.  Trust that he would not go into this if he did not feel he has an advantage, plus the fact that some of the competitors have gone so far to either want to represent our product or buy us out.

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