App is developed, we need to fund advertising and other start-up costs.

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There is no lack of underutilized open land.  Across the country, there are parking spaces, vacant lots, farms, ranches, and other large tracts of land that could be utilized for hundreds of possibilities.  While there are some companies trying to capitalize on this opportunity, I believe they are too specific and focus on too narrow of a customer base.  Hunting, fishing, camping, events, parking, etc. That is a lot of apps all selling the same product, access to private land.  Gainesha aims to be the one-stop shop for open land access regardless of use. 
 I have pitched the Idea to Fred Cary CEO of IdeaPros and we should have the app ready for testing very soon.  Trademarks have been applied for and domain has been secured.  We are just starting out and are pre-revenue. 

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