Kids' Fun Songs Streaming Service

75k for company featuring songs for kids, as singalongs. We are 100% ready to develop songs, Plentiful income returns will occur quickly. come quickly &

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Someone, please look. This one is as simple as it gets.

We are a broke startup. We need $75k working capital in exchange for equity. We write songs for streaming services focused on kids. We write kid's songs for entertainment 1st. We write sing-along song. We teated ourselves on YouTube last year, & results were phenomenal. These led me here. We are ready to produce quantity, quality kids' songs, animated singalong songs. to a global mar]ket where every competitors think fun is about learning. It's not. Sometimes kids just need to sing. We have documented results of our POC.  We are 100% ready today. 

The Product:
  • What does your business or product do?  We write & record original KFS songs only.  We're set up nicely for years to come as well. We now are primed for entry into  the commercial market for kids' songs. We have the talent, equipment, studio, writers, & even many song-starts. We need money. We  will hand over 20% of what will be an extremely profitable venture.  We ran a proof-of-concept, last year & results were strong & clear. We can "clean up" on kid's songs. We own 2 of 3 critical domains:,, & 
  • What problem does it solve? Growing demand & weak competition. The marketplace is flooded with average-to-poor songs & music.
  • What stage are you at (i.e. R&D, finished product, etc)? Ready for production today. We have been producing 3-5 competitive songs per-month & could double that with a financial injection too. Since hiring began this January, 2021, KFS's payroll grows from June 01, when I hire my 2nd FTE, while I currently employ 3 PT employees.  I can share a projected cost sheet for May-Dec 2021.
The People:
  • Who in your team has the experience to make this business a success? 
    • Gregory D Putnam, Six Sigma Black Belt, Sr ITIL Foundations Analyst, Agile Enterprise Process Compliance (Wells Fargo, Caterpillar 2x, State Farm 2x, Country Financial, U of I, Amdocs [Champaign, IL], & others), & tremendous songwriter. 
    • Natu Visinia, professional songwriter/performer/vocalist/songwriter.
    • 2 graduates from Illinois State University Music Department in music business
    • Emily Hope, another young professional vocalist, who we plan to use strongly for kids' song vocals. Precious voice & heart.
  • What industry experience do they have? A combined 37 years with several past Sync placements among us.
  • What do they bring to the team? Talent, youth, passion, integrity, productivity, professionalism. Deep music knowledge & industry contacts to augment mine. 
  • What is their role in the business?  Support KFS operations & marketing 300+ viable products/songs, & co-write new songs under my guidance.
  • Who are your customers? children, parents, community organizations, government, education.
  • How do you fit into the market? We fit very well into the market, as recent industry reception has warmed considerably. We will garner immediate returns, as streaming services work. Please check it out. Bad videos are making bundles of income.  We'll take the market to n entire new level. We're ready to outperform 98% of competitors, based on a quality of product. See  
  • How big is the market? USA/Global
  • What is the growth rate? unlimited
  • Who are your competitors? Other writers & composers. Our songs compete strongly with others, witness our POC.
  • What is your competitive advantage? 1) talent, 2) business acumen, 3) talent, 4) breadth of sounds, 5) initial volume & quality in catalog with over 150 songs & just over 300 music products. All songs are professionally recorded, mix, & mastered…all are radio-ready today. KFS partners with a local studio (Eclipse Studios), where the owner already has 3 gold & platinum records displayed. Between KFS & Eclipse Studios, we have an impressive set of accolades & accomplishments. Finally, we have a backup studio, which we also use for prep & pre-recording activities.
The Proof:
  • What market research have you done? We've researched product creation & development. We've studied thousands of similar sites. We have over 40 years' experience writing & recording songs. Among us, we have dozens of awards, 1 gold-, & 2 platinum-records.  
  • Do you have any sales or pre-orders? Not yet. Our proof-of-concept (results detailed) proved we know what we're doing & will be competitive if not leaders. 
The Deal:
  • What are you offering the investor? 20% ownership /profit & 1st-pass opportunities to 2  promising ventures with which I’m starting, one being an already approved patent idea.
  • What is your exit strategy? Initially plan to sell pieces to younger KFS employees & will sell my part in company. 
  • What return do you expect the investor to make? 2019-2020 growth rate (unofficial, but official coming soon) - We offer 20% silent ownership. We welcome distant participation & post-pandemic visit to Eclipse Studios in Normal, IL on any given Wednesday 11am till 5pm to see us in action. It's a job, not a party. We have fun, but we work, focused. We love what we're doing, and we want to be great. Some say we are, but I am not satisfied.

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