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Raising $500,000 to begin scaling growth of proven business model

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Company Description:
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Future Funding USA is a privately held Limited Liability Company.  The company operates as the nations only B2C R automated consumer lead generation company that provides future buyers to Real Estate Agents.  Agents join  as Limited Member Owners,  which gives the agent access to these buyers.  Agents profit from earned commission income when the buyer consummates a property purchase and benefit by participating in a company Profit Sharing Plan.

Future Funding USA upfronts the marketing costs to create lead generation and sales automation and initiates to Preferred  Mortgage Lenders an auto pilot lead generation platform that collects future mortgage applications from consumers.  The consumer leads are secured across multiple lead generation channels, utilizing AI tools and digitally driven social media capabilities.   Preferred Lenders perform mortgage origination services to fulfill the closing and funding of real estate transactions from consumer leads provided by the company.  

Future Funding USA  Is Future Business  to agents who join the company as member owners and have access to openly bid for the access to preapproved home buyers.  Only member owners have access to these buyers on the auction site by Future Funding USA  www.buyerbay.com

Dual Revenue Stream

Future Funding USA collects a fee from a Preferred Lender that purchases the pre- screened prequalified leads from the company.  These leads are provided to the preferred lender who pays a transaction success fee upon closing and funding the buyers mortgage loan.  

Future Funding  USA submits the preapproved buyer for auction bid to Agent Members dictated by a geographical metric at www.buyerbay.com   website link.    The Agent Member who successfully wins the bid does so by agreeing to pay a bid success transaction fee.  The Agent Member secures a purchase contract between their pre- approved buyer and the seller of a property, and coordinates with the Preferred Lender to close and fund the buyer’s residential real estate purchase using the approved mortgage loan credit approval conditions.

Future Funding USA collects the Bid Success Transaction Fee from the Agent Member for the closed transaction at the time the buyer closes on their real estate purchase. This dual revenue stream provides an adequate budget to the company to consistently fund the marketing cost and create more leads to the Preferred Lenders and preapproved buyers to the Real Estate Agent Members. 


  President is Sam R. Trantham, a 24 year seasoned mortgage  professional.   
  • In 2020, The founder launched Turbo Franchise Development LLC, as the Franchisor.  
  • In 2021, The first Franchise, Premier Turbo Team was launched.  The  Franchise recruits licensed real estate Agents into the Franchise as limited owners. 
  •  In 2022, the first year of full operation, Premier Turbo Team operated as a lead generation company for agents self generated leads, offering Sales Automation to Lead Generation, greatly improving the conversion rates of leads to buyers.  Agents participated in Franchise revenue share as ownership benefit. 
  • In 2023, Premier Turbo Team Franchise amended its company operating agreement and formed Future Funding USA. Future Funding branched out into offering Franchise paid Social Media Lead Generation Services with enhanced Sales Automation Features.  The company also created internal Video Ad Production and AI capabilities.  
In 2023, Future Funding USA, was formed as a new “protracted startup”  by enveloping existing elements of Premier Turbo Team.  The new platform evolved  into a high Alpha stage,  offering Agent Owners Company funded  Social Media Lead Generation Services with enhanced Sales Automation Features.  The company also created internal Video Ad Production and AI marketing capabilities.


1st yr: Proforma Projections:
  •  Projections to recruit 100 Agent Members
  • Using 10 Preferred Lenders
  • Close and fund 805 transactions 
  • Generate $2,500 cumulative revenue from each transaction
  • Generate $2M plus total gross Revenue
  • 28% expense ratio of $573,458
  • Net profit ratio of 72%,  $1.4M
1st yr:  Breakeven Projections:
  • 40 agents
  • 4 Preferred Lenders
  • Close and Fund 148 transactions
**Years 2-3 proforma available in detail, along with cash flow analysis and EBDIT projections


  • Future Funding USA  is raising additional $500,000.00  for scaling growth.  
Future Funding USA  is on a mission to open doors for REAL ESTATE AGENTS to be successful in one of the largest industries in the world.

By providing agents the financial and technical assistance not otherwise readily available,  through innovation we can help hundreds of small businesses, REALTORS and consumers, and the economy as a whole. 

Sam Trantham
Future Funding USA LLC
1202 Lakeway Drive
Suite 9
Lakeway Texas 78745

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