Raising money for moving costs to move to a new unit, half the cost. COVID has been difficult, but our chance is right across the parking lot!

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A women's Fusion Fitness Studio in the heart of Sandy Springs, GA specializing in Barre, Trampoline and Kettlebells - ALL 70’s themed! Concept by Haley Glass, interior designer & lead trainer, a 27 year old woman. Established fall 2019. 

Why we need funding: 
FUSE Atlanta is looking for an Angel Investor to help us move to a space in the same shopping center at half the rent cost! We have heavy equipment to move, as well as time we need to cancel classes/pause memberships. The outcome of the move could help us create a more substantial marketing fund to promote our business, as well as expand class sizes to near double. Thanks for your time and support. God bless! 

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FUSE is no longer seeking funding.