FSR Transport LLC

Startup of trucking compamy to haul exclusively for Amazon from their new Amarillo facility

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We are a startup Trucking company to exclusively haul Amazon freight. Amazon is currently building a one-million square foot facility in Amarillo and our location is central to the region of Amazon facilities.

The Benefits

FSR Transport being dedicated to the fulfillment of short-term contracts exclusively for AMAZON  allows the company many benefits.

First: Short-term contracts allow dispatchers and drivers to know exactly what the schedule for their power unit will be for the term of the contract, usually 2-3 weeks, in advance.  By scheduling short-term contracts dispatchers are able to plan for multiple power units and provide flexibility to the power unit schedules.  Drivers knowing their work schedule for the upcoming week allows them to plan for time off with reliable certainty.  This benefit will allow us to both attract and retain high quality drivers that FSR Transport seeks.

Second: AMAZON provides its own trailers to haul their freight from location to location.  By exclusively hauling for AMAZON,  we cut overhead by not having to purchase, maintain and insure fleet trailers.

Third: AMAZON trailers are hauled on a drop and hook scheduled basis.  This means no waiting or loading and unloading.  An inbound trailer is dropped and the outbound trailer is hooked to haul to the next destination.  Twenty minute turn arounds at facilities means the contracts are fulfilled on time.

Fourth: AMAZON uses an exclusive app called AMAZON RELAY that streamlines the load and payment process.  Once the inbound trailer is dropped and scanned by the driver, the invoice for the load is automatically generated into Amazon's Accounts Payable system and our Accounts Receivable system.  These invoices are paid each Friday by ACH to FSR.  No factoring further reducing overhead.

Fifth: By exclusively transporting for AMAZON, FSR can accept future contracts well in advance of the completion of current contracts. This is what allow dispatchers to assure that power units are always operating under a load contract.  No trucks sitting in the yard. This also makes it possible for additional power units to be added on an ongoing basis as is the plan.

Sixth: FSR Transportation can be flexible in its area of operation.  Operating in  the four state area of Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Colorado with a central location in Amarillo, Texas will save on apportioning fees, liability insurance, workers comp and employer's liability insurance.

A Winning Formula

The principals of this operation have decades of trucking experience.  We know that a designated operating area, guaranteed loads, a predictable schedule, contracts available for months in advance, pay without having to factor invoices, the ability to have add-on units on the road the same day, all with AMAZON  the most dynamic and fastest growing company ever, is a formula for success.

Meet the Staff

Michael Saucedo; Chief Executive Officer
Michael has been in the trucking and transportation since 2007.  He has hauled every type of freight and has specific knowledge of the DOT and Motor Carrier regulations.  Michael will run the day-to-day operations of the Amarillo terminal including Human Resources, booking Amazon loads and Scheduling, power units and dispatching drivers.

Dan Digman; Chief Financial Officer
Dan has been in the trucking and transportation industry since 1984,  He has hauled every type of freight and has specific knowledge of DOT and Motor Carrier regulations.  He has many years of experience with time sensitive loads such as the Amazon loads.  He will run the financial portions of the business including maintenance of the fleet.

The Proposal
FSR Transport will be a start up and with construction already well under way on the one-million square foot Amarillo Amazon facility, now is the time to get the company started.
We are seeking an investment of 330,000.00 to 500,000.00 for startup,  This investment will cover the purchase of at least six power units, insurance, facility. operating authority and all related start up expenses.   

The investment will be secured via first lien on power units purchased, each 110,000.00 will have a lien on two power units.  We propose the initial purchase of six power units and related expenses as start up expenses.  FSR can begin fulfilling Amazon contracts as soon as all is set up and we estimate the time to get power units purchased and legal to be about four weeks,  At that point we can begin hauling immediately.

We have budgeted repayment of the loans at 2500.00 per month per 110,000.00  invested for 72 months.  We are not opposed to equity as an alternative.  

This all guarantees that when the Amarillo Amazon Facility opens we will have an established presence as an exclusive contractor for Amazon.

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