Fruitmommy Organic Solutions LLC

Raising $500,000 to build a self containing food growing system that can feed a family of four in an 11 x 11 space

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I am an organic fruit tree specialist with an edible landscaping company, providing orchard installation and edible landscaping in urban homes. I am raising $500,000 in order to build two Prototypes. The first is a self containing fruit tree growing system that holds 24 varieties of fruit trees and 100 varieties of vegetables and herbs in a 11 x 11 space. The second prototype is a seven layer, food forest that can grow 100 times more produce in the same amount of space as traditional agricultural methods. I am a female, single mother, and I need help in order to implement the food growing method, which I believe can absolutely change the world and eliminate  global warming. I need backing from a larger entity as I am facing much discrimination and backlash at my new ideas. Also, many other companies are currently trying to take my ideas because they know I am just a single woman and I need to eliminate this. I am capable of making over $600,000 a year without any advertising without any trucks without any help. Imagine  what I can do if I had any help at all?  Thank you so much for your consideration.

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