Foxy's Kitchen and Bar LLC

Raising $150K to acquire an established 25+ year restaurant in a influent area located near Palm Springs, CA.

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Acquiring an established 25+ year restaurant in a influent area located near Palm Springs, CA. Looking for $150K investment with ROI.

Opportunity & Vision - Lifelong restaurant operators Teri and Tim Fox are looking to acquire an existing restaurant, Shame on the Moon in Rancho Mirage, CA. Once the acquisition is complete, they will be rebranding the restaurant into a new brand of their own: Foxy's Kitchen + Bar. The once popular location in Rancho Mirage for 25+ years has great curb appeal near Highway 111. The previous owner recently retired. The space has an existing liquor license and good working conditions for the kitchen equipment, with various indoor and outdoor spaces to utilize for dining. With this classic historical restaurant including a vast history that dates back 25+ years and has been a popular venue in the Coachella Valley area for decades, Tim & Teri have designed a concept that they are hoping to bring back to life and pay homage to the rich history that it deserves with a throwback to the Speakeasy era combined with an old school classic vibe combined with a modern twist for a softer version of fine dining restaurant. Teri and Tim Fox have been on the hunt for the perfect spot to open their own restaurant for 5 years now, and have over 50+ years combined in the restaurant and hospitality industry as some of the best high end restaurants in the nation. This acquisition is a great opportunity for them to take advantage of an almost turn-key location (other than some updating and rebranding) to launch and build the Foxy's Kitchen + Bar in Rancho Mirage, CA. Business Plan and Pro Forma can be provided upon request. 

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