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Startup. Women owned and inventor. Trying to raise capital for marketing and sales. Manufacture more product to have on hand and possible small warehouse.

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I am a startup. Women owned and inventor. I have used all my funds to get where I am at. I created a product called Wild Animal Barriers. I have my business license, trademarks, manufacture, prototype, designs, some inventory and a website ( plus Facebook and Yelp and a domain. I did do digital signs for 2 days in my area. I would like to do them again bit more then 1 day.

Wild Animal Barriers will help protect customers and solar companies solar panels from damages from animals the go under the solar panels. Eliminating chewed wires, birds nesting, holes in the roof from any other animals.

This product is universal as well for any area that is open and animals are can get under like storage sheds etc..

I have a local manufacturer that will order material, laser cut logo for venting and powder coating all in the same building. Funds also for marketing, sales, possible small warehouse.

I do have 2 sales reps ready to sell Wild Animal Barriers. I will help with the rest until we get more established and I will bring others on. Will need insurance for installers and safety equipment.

If I can get any other help and more guidance that would be great!

Thank you

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