"FORWARD MARCH" Veterans Listening Post Productions

We know in today’s world patriotism can be demonstrated in many ways. Listening is one of the great ways

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“FORWARD MARCH” is a virtual teller and listener documentary play that captures the interacting stories presented by veterans, military, and civilians. 

These stories are uplifting presentations showing positive trans-formative outcomes especially for our veterans and military, as well as doctors, nurses, front line, and essential workers -- and YES, all of us.


 Veterans Listening Post Productions is a service-disabled veterans’ company. You, as a support producer can make it possible for this documentary play to be shown on Netflix, Amazon, PBS, and all other available digital platforms.  You as a Producer can have great   media highlighted exposure.  Your name, business or organization as a support producer for ‘FORWARD MARCH’ helping veterans, military, and civilians would make your mission of success complete.  With an audience of millions of veterans, military, families, and friends, uplifting, positive virtual plays. Are here to stay.  


                        Take a Peek. You will Love the message.




 Super return on investment.  Producer film credits. Investments back to veterans support stories for a Screen play and when available theater play.                                       


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