Fortified Energy Systems

Looking for a partner to help fund and partner with me to either sell, license or develop a very special LED light. I have many year's experience bringing products to market.

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I'm interested in a very special type of investor that likes energy items and high-tech stuff. A person that has time to play!!!!!!

I can't say too much due to the fact that this is a very simple Patent that should have been on the market years ago.  I can say that I have invented a compact blue tooth, app-based LED  light combo that has -built in video camera, LED party lights, LED laser lights that move to music,  and security alarm motion detector. This is a portable system that can be used inside any building, house, etc.......Its very simple to make, at a very low cost and its not so much the light itself, its the space that is used to put these lights that I patented which kills any type and all others that want to copy.

My main business is Fortified Energy Systems. I build custom micro grids and custom portable energy systems. If someone comes in on my LED project, then that person or persons would have an opportunity to join us for percentage partnership. With this opportunity also comes more. in our South American project. 

I have one of my portable energy systems powering an indigenous village up in the Panamanian mountains. It has been in operation now for over 100 days now.

Please contact me if you like fun, futuristic and straight to the point investments that make lots of returns for a long time......

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