"Forest of Dreams" Indoor/Outdoor Sports & Recreation Complex

Kemptville-based recreational complex, home of established businesses looking for growth. Seeking investment partners.

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PPH (Prosperity Property Holdings)'s long-term vision for this "destination" recreational complex is to help support Kemptville’s community growth by providing spaces & services for people of all ages. We plan to design and build our dream recreation centre in two Phases. Phase 1 is currently undergoing detailed structural design, with our plan being to begin construction Spring 2024 (March/April). We are currently seeking investment in the amount of $2M to help fund a total construction cost of $5M, with the difference of $3M being secured via loan through BDC (Business Development Canada). We are open to securing loans, and offering equity solutions.

Our Vision
We’ve acquired a tranquil, 8.7-acre parcel of forested land on the outskirts of the Township of North Grenville in Ontario, Canada. From the moment we saw the untapped potential of this property, the Forest of Dreams has been our inspiration: a fully enclosed indoor recreational complex surrounded by the majesty of dense, old growth forest providing countless ways to explore nature through recreational activities — all of this built just in time to service North Grenville’s growing residential population.

Development of Phase 1 is currently underway, featuring an 18,000 sq ft multi-tenanted building to be the new home to these established and thriving local businesses: Kemptville Infinity, Boss Thai Boxing, the Academy of Expressive Dance and Tempo Drive Music Studio.

Our Two-Phase Approach
As North Grenville continues to grow, Forest of Dreams will also expand, in keeping with our mission of providing endless possibilities for both local athletes and members of the community to pursue their passions locally. Phase II plans to offer an open-concept, warm & welcoming lobby/cafe and social courtyard in the main atrium, with two stories of office spaces available to rent. On the opposite end of the Phase 1 building, we plan to attach an expansion onto Kemptville Infinity gymnastics. Looking to the forest in our backyard, we have dreams to design a rope obstacle course, groomed nature trails, and to erect an outdoor pavilion — as well as talks of a collaboration between Forest of Dreams and local beekeepers and florists to create a field trip/educational destination. As plans for Phase II are not yet finalized, we would love to hear what our community and investors would like to see and support.


About Prosperity Property Holdings (PPH)
PPH is comprised of four dynamic and well-connected members of our local community: Andrew Leang, Mary-Anne Leang (Co-Owner of Kemptville Infinity); Yuki Yamanaka (Co-Owner & Founder of Boss Thai Boxing); and Milena Hrebacka (Co-Owner of Boss Thai Boxing). We share a collective vision for the future of North Grenville that involves building more spaces for gathering, community involvement and connection. If you want to join forces with a group of dedicated, committed and future-focused people, ask us about our partnership and investment opportunities.

All of the above information and more — including a live recording of a recent presentation to local investors — can be found on our website for Forest of Dreams: https://forestofdreams.ca/

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