Food by Rail Logistics Holdings Inc.

Food By Rail seeks $200,000 of a total $15M ask to launch truck competitive rail service to move perishables from growing regions and producers to North American destinations.

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Food By Rail (FBR) is a seed-stage rail-centric third-party logistics company serving the food and perishable goods industry. FBR will use expedited, high-speed rail service to move food and perishable goods from growing regions and producers to North American destinations. Food by Rail’s goal is to increase by an order of magnitude rail's less than five percent share of the more than $20 billion perishable goods transportation market by taking market share from trucking. Food by Rail will utilize scheduled, expedited rail service (rather than slow manifest service) to: 
1. achieve truck-competitive transit times,
2. provide new technology refrigerated rail boxcars and high-volume logistics management, 
3. strategically locate temperature-controlled transload facilities (TCTFs) in growing/producing regions and at destination points,
4. create capacity and provide transloading capabilities for ocean container shipping companies, and
5. scale the company from seed stage to a forecasted $41 million EBITDA on $560 million sales by year five.

The company has an immediate capital need of $200K to fund its demonstration shipments from the Texas/Mexico border to Chicago.

Food by Rail Logistics Holdings seeks $15 million Series-A investment to disrupt the refrigerated trucking logistics industry with scheduled, expedited rail service, new technology and lower costs.

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Food by Rail Logistics Holdings Inc. is no longer seeking funding.