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We created a complete seed to sale operation, ready to execute immediately. Ground floor opportunities in a soon to be recreational state!

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A comprehensive business plan has been completed including cost analysis for an unlimited grow license and 3 dispensaries. An appropriate property for the grow houses has been selected and we have made an offer. Our original investor dropped out because cannabis is not yet recreational in Mississippi. There has been legislation submitted already to make cannabis recreational in Mississippi by next year. We want to be growing and producing in full force before it becomes open for all. A powerful and cohesive team, with extensive industry experience has been brought together. This includes a local Security Director specializing in mandatory security requirements for Mississippi compliance, an Operations Manager with experience running a successful seed to sale operation in Las Vegas, NV, an HR director with 7 years of experience with a large financial solutions company, Compliance Officers, growers with decades of experience with high yield crops, METRIC compliant software for POS systems, HR, and security tracking. All chosen systems are integrated to METRIC, ensuring total state compliance.  The licenses we will apply for will include those necessary for a complete seed to sale production, including unlimited growing, on site production, distribution, transportation for deliveries,  3 dispensaries (to start), and a license for destruction.  We also have had plans drawn up for our state of the art controlled environment green house. This would eliminate negative environmental factors from our crop production. We  can submit any and all plans and documentation as requested.  We know the value the of the cannabis industry, and we are committed to creating products of quality for our customers.  

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