Raising $3 million for consolidation purposes and to initiate the establishment of the third factory in North America.

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Flavva, a technology-driven cooking innovation in the modern food industry, designed a distinctive food trend that alters eating habits. Flavva has carefully engineered a ground-breaking trade secret that serves sustainable food, producing novel and functional healthy meals, dips and spreads with total nutritional value, aseptic, non-GMO, preservative-free, and an extended shelf life of one year.
While some products are available for purchase through the market, the Tech Team is building a revolutionary e-commerce platform with an artificially intelligent system that allows Flavva subscribers to choose meals that fit their dietary patterns and eating habits.
Users can subscribe and order online or via the mobile app and get Flavva goods delivered to their doorsteps weekly or monthly.
Subscriptions for a term exceeding six months will be offered for a Flavva smart oven.
Flavva instant meals will be automatically detected when placed in the oven, communicating with the user´s APP through IoT to select the appropriate heating temperature and suggest upcoming meals following his preferences.
Flavva´s recipe for success remains an unwavering commitment to quality and an endless passion for delightful goods.


Flavva seizes the opportunity to revolutionize the food industry by offering Healthy RTE products.
The market potential is substantial, especially with the increasing shift towards vegan and plant-based diets and the demand for minimally processed and additive-free foods.


Flavva's exclusive cooking technique, the Trade Secret, ensures meals are healthy, preservative-free, and quick to prepare. The intelligent app further enhances the customer experience by providing tailor-made meal plans and creating new eating habits and lifestyles.

- B2B by distributing our products to retailers and distributors 
- B2C by launching our unique AI app and marketplace.

The RTE Food Market was valued at 110 B in 2019 and is expected to reach $204 B in 10 years with a yearly growth rate of 8%.
 The RTE market in the USA and Canada alone was valued at $ 75.5  B in 2023, with a growth rate of 3.2 % annually.
 The global hummus and ready meals markets present significant growth opportunities.


Flavva distinguishes itself through its unique food processing method and gourmet taste.
The trade secret provides a competitive edge, offering preservative-free, vitamin-rich products at an affordable price point.


The product has been available for two years and prominently featured in major supermarkets across the Middle East, GCC, and France. Additionally, we conducted market tests in Canada and the US, involving two containers each. After careful evaluation, we have determined the strategic necessity of establishing a factory in North America. This decision aims to streamline operations, mitigate shipping complexities, and adhere to stringent food safety regulations.
Anticipated to be operational three months after the closing round, the North American factory will significantly enhance our production capabilities and overall efficiency in serving these markets.

YEAR 2023

Revenues: 1.250.000  USD
Gross Profit:66%
Net Profit: 29%
The growth rate from 2022: 66%



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