App based all in one volume digital photography delivery system

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Monthly income is based on pre-Covid numbers.

Flashop Is a beginning to end Photography service CRM  Having the ability to view your portraits instantly after your photo sessions on any mobile device .  Customers purchase the package of their choice driven by commission sales people. 85% purchase extras  after the photography session. Over 60%  order the digital only . Customers then go home and select  prints  in the comfort of their home. Unlimited sharing with friends and family helps increase the user base. Rescheduling and booking new appointments. Downloading the images to your phone for any special cropping or filter. Order prints with your own personal cell phone pics.  E-commerce specials. Text and push notification marketing. 

Flashop is a cloud native application build on top of the Microsoft Azure cloud. With all cloud native services Flashop is able to keep the operational costs low while providing cloud level scalability.

The mobile application frontend is written in Xamarin which allows the mobile application to be maintained in one code base and deployed to both android and iOS. This decreases technical debt and increases release velocity. All deployments are delivered through Azure devops to maintain a high quality continuous integration/continuous deployment environment, allowing Flashop the ability to deploy rapid, high quality updates to meet customer demands.

 The middle tier is architected as a server less microservice. It was developed in Microsoft azure functions and runs in a consumption plan. This allows Flashop to only use what is operationally needed keeping costs at a minimum.

The database is built upon a modern NoSQL architecture running in Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB and Azure Storage. This provided data flexibility and cloud scalability at a consumption based cost, allow easy data modifications and scale at peak times. It's all about the Digital from ground to cloud.
Currently we service major chain malls, HEB Grocery chain and Army Air Force exchange. The last couple years we’ve  seen a major decline in traffic in the malls and military bases. Major chain grocery stores is where it’s at for the volume numbers. Currently we have proposals out to Walmart and Kroger. Having more locations in a condensed area gives birth to a hub and spoke concept that creates success. 

This last year we have taken the entire business and made it 95% paperless. Going fully digitally and building this app/CRM Specifically for this niche market has tremendously increased efficiency with automation and has increased profits. Over the last 4 years we have grossed just under 4 million each year In locations without sufficient traffic flow. 

Our lost leader is  $20 for a digital download of your favorite image with a $10 session fee upon arrival to the appointment. This can be purchased from a Commission sales rep at one of the events or online. 

The growth plan for the first 2 years is to secure accounts with Walmart or Kroger. At this time we will start recruiting photographers, sales,  and dealers.

Each program will avg 80 people photographed per location. 
We calculate these numbers by 160 pre-sold  x 50% show up rate= 80 photographed
Our national avg has been $125 for the last 5 years and increasing with stronger customer satisfaction. Meaning we have customers pre purchasing the full digital session online or in the app weeks before being photographed.
With an estimation of 20 opening weekly within the first 2 years. 

At 20 openings weekly = 1,600 photographed weekly x $125 = $200,000 Weekly
$10,400,000 Yearly
AM at 30% profit margins $3,120,000 net profit yearly
Flashop 10% charge 1,040,000 Gross profit yearly

40 openings weekly by 2026 = 3200 photographed weekly x $125 = $400,000 weekly
$20,800,000 Yearly
AM at 30% profit margins $6,240,000 net profit yearly
Flashop 10% charge 2,080,000 Gross profit yearly

Flashop will also lease its system to other photography companies with high volume and charging 5% of gross sales for this service. No setup fee. 
We believe Flashop can run an additional $20,000,000 through its system creating an additional $2,000,000 in gross yearly revenue.

Flashop is a one of a kind app based photography delivery system that has been field tested and customer approved. Although we know great software is never complete. That's why we improve it monthly. If better is possible good is not enough.

We love people & technology.
We have a committed team.
We are  committed  to  making  success happen

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