Raising 200k for final development, manufacturing and launching product.

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We have invented an Electronic Smart Banner display which allows consumers to display their support for a broad range of topics including favorite sports teams, flags of choice including states, countries, military branches etc.  We will also offer the opportunity for the consumer to custom design a banner so the choices are unlimited! 
Our product features the ability to control display via an app and schedule display times according to downloaded game schedules or any calendar events such as holidays etc. It also gives the consumer the ability to enhance the display with RGB lighting which can also be scheduled to turn on and off through the app. or controlled manually. 
 Our customers will include sports fans, patriots and anyone with a passion for any topic they wish to show their pride for. 
  There are no other products of this kind on the market today. Our Smart Banner display will revolutionize the way consumers display flags and banners. 
I have funded the project 100% myself to this stage and my partner Jayson Butcher has helped evolve the product to a well functioning prototype. 
We have  done marketing research through BYU Marketing Lab which concluded we have a viable product. 

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