Five Tier, Inc.

Raising $250k to $3MM at a discount in preparation for an in process Regulation CF listing.

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In Summer 2021 we will go live with our Regulation CF offering for which we have already been accepted.  We are seeking pre-listing funds, at a discounted rate for what we will list at, to help with the cost of listing and promoting our offering.

We are the world's leading Connected Media platform covered by Forbes, CNBC, Consumer Reports, NPR, CheddarTV and Bloomberg amongst many others 

We enable companies of all types to reach their customers in the most efficient manner and provide an optimal experience to the customer where they only see and hear advertisements for what they are most interested in, or care about the most, at any given time and service 1,000+ clients annually.

We have disintermediated the $650B global advertising industry securing the most direct path between companies and consumers with the highest intent to purchase a good or service through our Software as a Service (SaaS) offering, Five Tier Connect. Through Connect we provide affordable and complete media campaign solutions for clients across TV (Connected TV, OTT), Radio (Streaming Audio, Podcasts, Terrestrial), Out of Home (DOOH, Place Based), Mobile (App, Text), Digital (Display), Social, Direct Mail, Phone Dialing, Web and much more via a single easy-to-use, self-or-managed service platform.

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