Five Tier, Inc.

Successful, revenue generating media company looking for funds to promote affiliate sales program

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We are the world's leading Connected Media platform covered by Forbes, CNBC, Consumer Reports, NPR, CheddarTV and Bloomberg amongst many others.

We are looking for funds to help bolster our already launched affiliate program connected to our Connect: Times Square offering ( where we sell low cost, high value Times Square billboard placement packages that are then photographed and used in other media channels such as social. We are currently selling $5,000-$10,000 per day and have a scalable strategy to increase this to $100,000 per day quickly.

Our platform enables companies of all types to reach their customers in the most efficient manner - through billboards, tv, radio, email, mobile, social, digital display and more - and provide an optimal experience to the customer where they only see and hear advertisements for what they are most interested in, or care about the most, at any given time and service thousands of clients annually.

We would like to offer repayment of funds with interest and a commission fee for a period of time going forward based on program sales.

For more information please visit any of the above links or view this interview we conducted recently with Equity Match:

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Five Tier, Inc. is no longer seeking funding.