FitHealth Brands Company LLC

Funding will be used to begin manufacturing process/product finalization with an industry-leading beverage manufacturer, Power Brands.

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Beverage company start-up, looking to manufacture healthy, alcohol alternative seltzers. Made with CBD and other natural ingredients to help with relaxation.  This product will assist in helping people remain physically and mentally healthy, while still being able to have a good time, all without the negative effects that alcohol consumption can cause.  Many beverage industry trends point to alcohol alternative products gaining recognition and market size within the next few years; with this line of alcohol alternative seltzers, the opportunity to provide consumers with a better alternative is now. These seltzers will be available in stores, such as Whole Foods, Costco, Publix, and through e-commerce with Amazon, all with the assistance of Power Brands. On top of this, a website is in development as well, for e-commerce of this line of product to be sold directly through FitHealth Brands Company. Marketing for this product will be done at first mainly through social media platforms, but marketing campaigns through commercials/advertisements on Television, Streaming Services, and Online, will be the strategy as the brand/company grows. A Trademark application has been submitted for the brand name of this product and other Trademark applications will be done moving forward for a brand slogan and other potential items.  The Founder, Christian Trento, has many years of experience in product development/product formulation within the beverage industry and supplement industry. This line of alcohol alternative seltzers was formulated over many years to create a product that fits the needs of every customer, no matter their lifestyle or reason for choosing this product. Christian Trento believes that this product has the ability to change the lives of the health conscious, alcoholics,  athletes, and many more, but it will not stop there, Christian Trento wants this brand and this company to grow across the world to provide everyone with an array of products that are healthier and always fit their needs. All of this can be and will be accomplished with an investor that shares this same vision and desire. 

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