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Raising funding to bring a Veteran home base business to the commercial level and grow to an national name.

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I am looking to take my veteran owned, home-based Firearms/Gunsmith business into a full brick and mortar facility, with state-of-the-art shooting range, manufacturing and retail center. I am in search of investors to get this venture going. My business Includes a three pronged approach: The indoor rage; full scale Gunsmith shop; and manufacturing center. 

The range will be a total of 30 lanes split into three groups with distances of 25, 50,and 100 yards. 
The Work shop will be roughly 40 by 50. There will be areas for machining firearms, customizing and manufacturing ammunition

The Gunsmith shop will range from selling firearms up to custom builds. This will include refurbishing, repairs, upgrades and more. 

The facility will be located in Kearneysville, WV about halfway between Charles Town and Martinsburg. This is a unique area because there are only outdoor ranges within driving distances and the only decent indoor ranges are 25 yards in length and across the Maryland state border. Crossing the MD state line with firearms is illegal without extensive paperwork. Going to the nearest indoor range in Virginia is over 50 miles away. I want the local area to have a safe fun environment to exercise their right to own and operate firearms.

The community I intend to market is comprised of veteran, semi-rural and exurbs. I will also offer training and facility use to local/federal government and military in the area for various requirements. There will be training, familiarized and advanced techniques available to the public as well.

There are a few local gun shops in the area. However, they seem to be small and/or singularly focused on niche areas. Those worthwhile are greater than a 20 min drive. 

The experience I bring to the table are: 21+ year retired Combat Wounded Veteran; Graduate from the Sonoran Desert Institute in Firearms Technologies; Ground community member through my membership in the VFW and Boy Scouts and a continued drive to serve the Constitution, the United States and our Allies.

My expansion plan is to build a full enclosed shoot house, and Airsoft facility and Archery center. 
My drive is to be the leading name in firearms and training in the WV Eastern Panhandle

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