Fireigloo USA, LLC

Swedish Designed Mobile Firepit Stove made in USA. Ultimate Light Show. Unique Customization for company/college sales. Next gen 2 height firestove. Out dazzles all competitors....

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Swedish Designed Mobile Firepit Stove built in Michigan, USA. Exclusively licensed to manufacture and sell patented product in U.S. and Canada. Next generation of portable firepit stoves , now  made in America and soon, in Canada, with the ultimate firelight show of any product in it's class.  Think Solo but , "Where Light Meets Friends". 

Built as an heirloom product, Swedish Oak feet protect your boat dock, patio, and pool deck surfaces from possible heat damage or scratches in every season. Multi height positioning of the firewood basket height for sitting and talking or standing and dancing around!  No assembly required and nothing more to buy to fully use and enjoy. Truly a Premier outdoor product.  The units are manufactured in Industrial western Michigan, USA from sustainable material sources sourced locally and in stock for shipping.  The Swedish Oak feet are necessarily imported.

Our business model is multi tiered. Swedish, Scandinavian, Nordic Americans  in regional markets are our first group of potential customers.  Always great support for all Swedish products in US and Canada owing to incredible design, material use in construction, and simple functionality. Built to last for generations with easy care instructions.

The Unique Customization factor of  the Top Rings on the Fireigloo allows for the lasering and engraving of company, college, team, golf club, Ski resort, family names and mottos through the 304 stainless steel material to illuminate your message in the roiling firelit flames! Customization options for Corporate sales are unlimited : Event Planners, Wedding Planners, Companies for employee reward/retirement gifting,  Colleges and college alumni organizations for fundraising, gifts, special commemorations. Golf and Ski Clubs for all season events. RV's and weekend cottages. Cider Mills, orchards and beach resorts, with customized messages and well wishes.

Tailgating use for NASCAR, NFL games, College Games, outdoor gatherings, contests, exhibits, offers a huge market for the Mobile Fireigloo firepit stoves.
Grilling on the Fireigloo is simple, using the  Swedish designed Barbecue Grill Top, Fire Poker and Ash Shovel. accessories available for purchase on our web site. The gorgeous accessories exemplify Swedish clean design and sustainability in our family of products.  

We are fundraising to bring this important and unique outdoor product to the attention of astute buyers everywhere.  We also wish to buy a versatile laser - engraving machine with CAD capabilities to assist in creating customized logos and letters to accommodate all of or our customer's designs nuances, while controlling add on costs. Once we have this established, the engine to grow our business exponentially will be in place and humming. 

Please consider our funding request. The Fireigloo Mobile Firepit Stove is uniquely inspirational and functions perfectly to bring friends and family together,  to share stories, laugh, sing and  enjoy life outdoors all year round....It's "Where Light and Friends Meet"!  Thank you for your interest.

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