Final Phase

Raising a million to buy equipment, advertising, and the crews needed to take my company to the next level.

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I started my remodeling company in 2021 as a way to make some side money. Fell in love with the work and challenges of owning a business. Without any advertising and a very small crew, the company has brought in over $240,000 year to date in 2022. I am highly motivated and very ambitious to turn my small business into a eventual nationwide powerhouse. I want to go from remodeling to full on residential and commercial building. I want to build, own, and manage apartment complexes, office spaces, and housing developments. Charlotte is a hotspot for business and the demand for my line of work is at all time highs. I’m looking for investors to help purchase equipment, advertising, and the proper crews to help take on the kind of jobs that bring in big revenue.

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