Raising 100K for FILTERUS™, a patent-pending REMOVABLE UNIVERSAL SNAP device that can be used on any mask that includes a filter and exhalation valve! LESS CO2 AND MORE OXYGEN

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 INCUBRAN LLC offers investment for  FILTERUS™, a patent-pending device that easily snaps on any mask . The device expels CO2 through a  filter  and out an exhalation valve that ensures  the integrity of the mask with no droplets escaping. There are numerous built-in valves in masks already on the market, but this is  an innovative upgrade  snap-on device that enhances any mask since the filter stops the spread of any droplets  from escaping from the mask.  This product reduces heat build-up, reduces moisture and fogging on eyeglasses. It also increases the oxygen levels relative without the device.   This product makes wearing face masks more tolerable which will be worn for a long time due to the Coronavirus pandemic.      
The funds will be used  for molds, startup first production, marketing, and operating capital. Based on the pro-forma, there will be enough profits to self-fund after the first month depending on the initial production.  Revenues for year one is estimated at a conservative 40 million dollars and is effected by the initial start up production and mold purchase. This is a worldwide product with additional opportunities for licensing, as there is a debossed circular area for branding. Teams and Professional leagues are already interested to licensing this device.
There are secondary products which include additional filter packs, licensed customization branding and DIY customization sheets for home use. We are also looking at options to bundle pack with a mask or masks. Our intent is to produce these products MADE IN THE USA.
Incubran LLC is a diversified consumer internet product development agency that builds brands that reach passionate congregations in growing lifestyle categories, including health, wellness, art and technology.  Our mission is to build platforms across our brands and e-commerce funnel development to find innovative ways to engage with targeted customers.  For more information, contact Cliff Rusin, Incubran LLC, Costa Mesa, CA 92626.  714-357-1182 Please leave message.

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