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Raising $80k to scale a Tech startup in the oil & gas industry.

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FieldMan Inc was founded in January 2023. The founders having 30 years of oilfield experience between them, working for a variety of service contractors and equipment. Our target market is primarily field service contractors for the oil/gas industry. We currently have traction through our offering of data acquisition (DAQ) hardware with our proprietary software to monitor and display rates, volumes, and pressures. This is our segue way to streamline logging, job summaries, and ticketing/invoicing in a digital format.  As soon as we are able, we plan to access data via a cloud-based SAAS suite that will include asset management, logistics support (field-to-office communication), and automated processes for businesses. This will bring value to the office, provide better focus on the job for the workers in the field, and ensure equipment is optimally functioning when/where it needs to be.

We officially started selling a month ago and have sold two units. We are growing our customer base, and our name is starting to circulate. We have already found a Senior Dev and a Junior Dev currently working with us on a part-time basis that we need to hire full-time as soon as possible. Our financial projections show hardware being the bigger influx of income to start (that will likely plateau over time), as the SAAS will be a slower start, but will become a solid base for supporting the operating costs over time. Goal is to keep the overall income from a plateau, and we can continue to grow in our profit margins.

 Additionally, each customer has had other needs for marketable products. Which we are open to researching, and offering, if it falls within our scope. Every job FieldMan takes, brings us closer to our goals and helping us to refine/expand our product line. Other revenue streams include:  
  • Custom/retro-fit jobs that can bring revenue in from $6k-$40k+ depending on features and automated functionality.
    • In communications with Integrated Well Services (Rock Springs, WY) to build a custom DAQ unit for high volume/high pressure trailer mounted pump unit. 
    • In communications with Legend Services Inc (Rock Springs, WY) to build a custom DAQ for an injection well DAQ unit.
  • "E-Tech" services, for servicing existing electronics on varying equipment. 
    • Have successfully serviced a pressure cementing unit for Peak Well Services (Roosevelt, UT)
    • We have been contracted with Legend Services Inc (Rock Springs, WY) customer to service an injection well's DAQ unit to get it functioning more reliably (while FieldMan produces a replacement unit).
We are seeking to raise $80k over the span of 5 months. Ideally, $40k in the first month, with a $10k injection over the following 4 months. Our aim with this funding is to hire the necessary people to provide the support for these devices and scale production; Increase our speed & capability of rapid prototyping (in-house) through R&D phases, as we scale production. Our goal is to handle both simultaneously, but will settle on strategically alternating these phases. 

Thank you for your time. We are looking forward to further interaction with any who are intrigued and interested!

FieldMan Inc
Peter Oliver, President

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