A cloud based platform connecting audio/video artists for collaboration and commerce

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A cloud based platform connecting artists and producers for collaboration and commerce

The founders , with significant experience as artists and producers, have designed a cloud based platform to connect artists for collaboration and commerce. This platform solves several problems for the music/video/influencer marketplace by creating a marketplace where all artists can display and market their talents, regardless of their industry stature, and conduct commerce safely and securely. 

The marketplace is all artists - audio /video /dance /sound/beat/influencer with minimum market of 200M potential users. Similar platforms have signed up to 2M users over the last 2-3 years. Feeturre, which has a broader appeal and more functionality , has projected profitability with 250,000 users and believes those can develop that user base within two years with its multi-faceted marketing plan. 
This is a very hot market with valuations well in excess of $50M for pre revenue and early stage companies, Several more mature companies are valued  in the multi- billion range

Feeturre founders are seeking $1M in funding for 10% of the company to complete the final stage of development and to successfully launch the beta site 

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