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FEast is the fashion discovery and social selling app that introduces the best independent Asia-based designers to Western consumers via a trusted network of real influencers.

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FEast is the fashion discovery app that celebrates the best independent designers from all across Asia. It is now available on the Apple Store (http://bit.ly/FEastFashionAsia) and Google Play (http://bit.ly/FEastGooglePlay).

In March 2017 FEast's Founder and CEO, Anthony Duignan-Cabrera attended a wedding in Penang, Malaysia. The bride and groom wore bespoke tuxedo and wedding gowns by Shanghai-based designer Pauline Cheung. Anthony thought to himself: ”There must be hundreds of Asian designers like Pauline Cheung waiting to be discovered by the West.”  

The online Fashion world is incredibly robust, yet it’s divided into two spheres — The East and The West. 

Here at FEast, we believe it’s easier to cross a bridge than to build a wall. We built FEast to be the bridge between the two spheres through the use of mobile, offers of exclusivity and the vetting of real, engaged designers as well as the real influencers in our lives: our friends, family, and colleagues.

What sets FEast apart from traditional e-commerce applications is it’s about credibility and authenticity,  not just of the designers, but of the users of the app :

  • FEast is about discovering new, exciting designers and being able to share the virtual shopping experience with your friends, colleagues, and family
  • FEast is about protecting your privacy, your data and letting you decide who and what can access your information
  • FEast is about you developing your personal style with unique, often limited-edition clothes, shoes and accessories
  • FEast is a platform that celebrates and empowers Asia’s fashion designers in the global marketplace

FEast is inspired by the beauty—sometimes understated, other times, outrageous, but always inspired—created by designers who have chosen to speak in a language that needs no translation: The language personal expression, personal style, and personal pride.

Welcome to FEast. Discover. Share. Celebrate.

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