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Raising 10 million dollars to expand trucking fleet operations !

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Fasten 4 Deliverance Carriers is an employee-owned trucking contracted with the largest meat producer in North America.

In 2022, the U.S. trucking market is estimated at $532.7 billion and is expected to grow by 30 % to $770.8 billion by 2030.

Fasten 4 Deliverance Carriers will increase its profits by 15% each quarter by adding 15 additional Power Units over the next five years.

There are three major factors why trucking companies fail: (1) Equipment utilization, (2) Faulty Equipment, and (3) Freight rate and fuel. We have created a test and proven driver recruitment system to mitigate the equipment utilization risk factor.

(1) Equipment utilization

We have over 400 drivers who have applied for partnership with Fasten 4 Deliverance Carriers. Our hiring process is very stringent. Therefore, 1/4 of these drivers will qualify for a position. In addition, the company has been reorganized to be more driver-orientated, giving the drivers an opportunity for ownership.

(2) Faulty Equipment

There are no lemon laws when it comes to purchasing commercial vehicles. Therefore, before equipment is purchased, it goes through a meticulous inspection process before acquisition. We only buy equipment with at least three years / 300,000 miles left on its factory Warranty; in addition to the warranty, we also contracted Rush Truck Center, Pinnacle, to perform preventive maintenance services. Just Be Easy Truck Repair will be Fasten 4 Deliverance Carriers and the leading repair shop for all equipment.

(3) Freight rate & Fuel Cost  

Most Trucking companies start working from the spot market and rely on Freight Brokerage for freight. Fasten 4 Deliverance Carriers has established Fasten 4 Deliverance Logistics Solutions internal freight brokering services. Our primary target market is small to medium-sized perishable products such as produce, meat, and food. Our secondary market is in nonperishable products such as general freight. Establishing contracts with these companies maintains steady revenue. It is not susceptible to boom and bust periods and frequent expenses in the trucking market. Fuel costs and pollutants are reduced by establishing. We are contracted with Cargill, One of North America's Largest meat producers.

Our team:

We have over 21 years of experience in the trucking industry. The majority owner has an MBA in Economics and spent 21 years in the military and eight years as an Administrative Contracting Officer, Managing over 1 billion dollars of contracts.

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