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🌟 **Invest in the Future of Sustainable Energy Innovation with Farcry Industries** 🌟

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**Seeking Investment of $300k**
As Farcry Industries embarks on the path of groundbreaking innovation in sustainable energy technology, we are seeking $300k in funding to serve as a capital bridge until we secure a licensor for our upcoming patents. Each patent will bear the official seal of approval from a respected third-party engineering firm, ensuring credibility and quality assurance.

**Allocation of Funds**
- **$3k** for licensing, permits, web domain, and essential administrative costs.
- **$50k** for equipment, software, independent engineering analysis, patent application fees, and innovation expenses.
- **Remainder: $247k**
- **Option 1:** Split over 2 years to cover a modest annual salary of $61,750 for the owner and administrative staff.
- **Option 2:** $100k allocated to accelerate product development, with the remaining $197k distributed over 1.5 years to provide a $65k annual salary for the owner and administrative staff.

**Projected Return on Investment**
Your investment in Farcry Industries offers a promising return of 10-30% on royalties paid by licensors for a specified duration, ensuring a swift and robust return on your investment. The royalties will be paid until the initial $300k investment, with interest, is fully recouped.

Join us on our journey towards sustainable energy innovation and be a part of the future of clean energy solutions. Contact us today to explore partnership opportunities with Farcry Industries. Let's revolutionize the energy landscape together. πŸŒΏπŸ”¬πŸ”‹πŸŒŽ

Daniel Disbrow

Owner and Operator of Farcry Industries

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